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Hey ma Peeps,

Tis me, Dream, Today, I dey come talk about the Ghana den Internet Fraud matter. Ebi serious matter paaaaaaaa. Ei, you hear say the World dey loose $557 million (Dat be de ones dem report saf) every year to cyber crime, some dey wonder wat be dat. Ebi wat we dey call 419, Sakawa (How to make money in Hausa), Mugu, zombie etc.

Charle Boys for slow for the net fraud top, you start dey give we bad name waaaaaa. Ridy Ghana dey the top ten countries in the world wey the crime be hyper. For the ten top countries, West Africa alone represent 3 countries, The nation where the name 419 dey originate from – Anago, Nigeria, wey Cameroon too come attachey in body.

Nigeria dey reign the African group with 8percent of the crime, followed by Ghana wey dey handle 0.7 percent, den 0.6  be Cameroun in own.

So you go love ask, so Wey Country dey top?

Like you know – The USA get 65percent, UK dey follow with 9.9percent, before Anago dema 8percent.

Canada dey 2.2 percent

Malaysia get 7percent

Before Mother Ghana in 0.7

Den South Africa too dey represent some 0.7 be like dat,

Spain too be 0.7

Wey the Cameroun guys force enter the top ten with 0.6percent

If you watch the list, How Ghana small country, with like some tiny percent e nor Pc use dey fit represent for this list top. How many people saf dem dey do the Sakawa, wey the net saf no catch more places for the country inside. Ah! I no dey bab, dem dey talk say, the small people dem dey tear the 419 no, go fit make Ghana represent for Cybercrime top list top. That be sick!

Dem say about 82 cyber crimes dey occur in Ghana every month, wey nearly one thousand crimes every year. Oh! Dis one saf be de once dem dey fit see.  Dis be like Super mass day light robbery.

Charle! Boyz for Chok it. E bi serious ooo, How many of us we dey use net saf know people dem dey do Mugu, ebe serious ooo. Dem no chaw like chaw, but e check like, one person dey fit rob a enough people to make a city. Dats real Bad! Dem tins dey bore waaaa. E dey make some sanctions dey block wanna people dema genuine images. E no ky3, dem report say, some United States den Canadian merchants block over 70 percent of international online orders from Ghana den Nigeria due to fraud. Dem saf dey reign for the cybercrime inside, but as dem see say we too we dey won rush, wey we no chaw, dem go mess we up. We naa dey fock up wanna image. We for just dog dis thing den find better things dey represent for. Dat dey mean say, we get natural talent for soccer den tings inside, plus, we get natural gift of handling people and computers. We for channel that skill well.

Charle make Boyz Sloooow. Things start dey get out of hand, wey we naa, we want make the rural people all get PCs den tings. This be wat we go dey wan introduce give them or wat.

Dem get better ways of making genuine money online. Why boyz no go research dat rada, e dey get you more money dan Mugu wey ebi genuine too. Research, you go find chaw tings. We for find better ways of developing our economy than messing it up with dirty money. Dem monies saf, dem no dey ky3. Boyz get accident aaa, dem open dema trunk inside aaa, Monies dem pack.

Som guy be a interview de talk me say, “It all start for Swedru, wey na wanna boyz naaa dey entice foreign nationals plus jeje girls den won marry whiteman an tins. Den as the chatting com get voice, dem start dey disguise dema voice as women. Charle, you know make wild aaa, somebody go take your person. As the relationship come make tight waa no, like e catch marriage level no, dem go start dey send money, gifts, den tings for dema lovers. Haha. Dis be how it all start, den the Credit card numbers too come join. Ridy Juju den tings all come join. Me a no dey do some but say The White man com steal wanna gold, den people, den tings. Ridy be wanna time.”

But what boyz no dey see be say, Ebi blackman nor dey catch in people den tings dey give the whiteman dem times. The fault from we all. Wey you, Ma Peeps, dem carry your resourses long ti, wey you still dey take give dem, you know dey fit think den use the tins you get, you for take give them make dem go do am into something better before you dey fit see say the tin saf good. Wey you dey read dis thing. Wat you dey do. Nortin!

Ridy EFCC, dey colabo plus Microsoft, the FBI, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), wey the Council of Europe, the International Police Organisation (INTERPOL) and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) make wild waaa.

You fock up for the net top, Dem go catch u. Dem make wild waaaa. Gateway to Africa, we for fit to develop some better name like dat. Like say, we dey fit use net dey sell things for the world inside waaa. Internet tourism den  things. You knor say, u dey watch the sky from Ghana ebe different from the rest of the world? Eno be anything, but say u fit be the one e do de research for net top, dey host camp den tins. We for fit to dey write better bl3 den tins about wanna country make people go love come see wanna pretty faces den places. I dey rhyme saf, wanna music, wanna culture, wanna symbols, wanna people, wanna soccer, wanna chow, wanna buggi. Back on norr norr nor..

If you no dey bab, I for tell you

Ebe your boy, Dream

I represent som.


Written by The BlueBird

December 16, 2010 at 8:40 am

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