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A Letter from Ghana

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Dem born me 6th March, 1957, wey ma popi be Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Ma Ancestral family from the Goldcoast. Dem lef chaw tings give me make a tear better den prosperous family but say, tings no go well, som of ma kiddies disappoint me wey dem misuse ma riches den tings.

Ridy things fock up, wey I get chaw kiddies dem no get job wey more no go skuul too.

Dem three; Injustice, Inequality den selfishness dey control ma kiddies wey ridy more saf come make corrupt den spoil.

Today saf, we go see say God Bless me wit Oil, I go join the Oil Queens on earth, but I dey try see say, ma kiddies dem be greedy den selfish no go use some takashi misuse am, den lef dem ones dem no strong wey dem dey  poverty inside. But I sure say, my Good children will try their best to balance things

I dey rise dem call all ma sons and daughters, make dem defend wat dey belong to dem. Make dem make better decision like how dem go use am help all ma kiddies den de family all.


Ma kiddies, I sure say, you know make proud of me too moch, sake of I know be successful momi, but eno be ma fault koraaaa.

But, eno bi late, kiddie dey learn from gronapi, wey gronapi too dey learn from kiddie. We for build strong team, no yawa for dey wanna body den wanna mind inside.

We for be strong and wanna minds for dey pan. We for have faith say God Bless we waaa wey ede love wanna matter.

We for get better vision, den we for get HOPE.

Ma kiddies, I know say, we go pass through a lot of sacrifice den pain, but “Never say Never.” Forward Ever, Backwards Never” “Never Give Up, Ever”

I dey look forward to YOU! My Son, My Daughter, YOU!

Ma name be GHANA and thanks for listening to your mother.

………………………………..submitted by your boy. DREAM


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December 12, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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Ghana Network

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Charle! Ma People!

You hear say the Honorable Communication Minister say “No turning back on the Implementation of MNP”

I sure say u dey wonder wetin be dat … Okay, MNP be Mobile Number Portability wey e for guarantee freedom of choice for  mobile fon users.

The minister talk say the MNP go start for Ghana like early next year, wey ego serve as a birthday gift from President Mills to Ghanaians to assure consumers of choice, Mr President, y3 daaaaawa se.

E go make say, we go fit switch from one network go another one while say u dey use the same number plus in network codes den all ur number p3 p3 p3. Charle ego bee k3k3. Like say u dey use Tigo number, but u dey MTN Network top, or otherwise I  for make am, U dey use MTN number wey U dey use Tigo network or sometin?

Wey, boyz hear say ridy Zain be Airtel?…… If u know knor, ridy u knor. But Zain deee, eno ky3 koraaaaaa. Wots up! Eno bi yestee nor e come. Like ebi de freshest network or so. Wetin? I hear say Indian telecoms giant Bharti Airtel say dem go make we feel som tight service huh, eno be easy koraaaa. We dey wedge see.

Spacefon – Areeba – Wey we hear say MTN dey come with some beta service den free things an tins. Entertainment be wat, we dey feel MTN k3k3, we no dey fit lef dem. The true power of a Network. If u no dey greeee, pick ur fon den watch ur received and dialed calls, ebe MTN sooooor. I dey feel dem k3k3. Them nor the business.

But how come, dem talk say, MNP dey come, den some Network be in people make hoppy waaaaa. We go see wat go hoppen.

Aaaanya ego reduce the yawa services some service dem dey give we. Charle, we taya sef. We buy credit taaaaaaya.

Glo too say e de come, looooong ti, wots up? Bill Board dey everywhere, I no dey see anything for ma fon top. Dem say, some fiber optic cable dey come from so far place, we dey wedge tay. Come make we feel some small. 2011  dem for no disappoint we, Ghana people make wild waaaaaaa. We dey feel the green, e dey wanna flag inside saf.

E check like na the networks dey share the colors, ridy, Airtel den Vodafone go struggle over the red color, e start dey conf saf. Wey, the vodafone logo, ibi “red drop on a white background or ibi white snake on a red background?”, wey wots sop for dem media wars. Maybe dem chok give 2011. Hmmmmm. No No No No, the blue one, No the red one. ……. Hahahahahaha. MNP-2011.. The Competition is yet to start.

You know say, Ghanaians dey spend for Mobile Communication pass more countries for the world inside, we be like, we dey the top inside. Dem say e hard, but everybody get like one phone(kidies saf get), if e no be two, wey, one person get like average 3 networks. E be crazy, wey dem say the economy be bad, e bad aa, like u go see chaw people dey sell credit everywhere, ebe serious ooo, dem dey sell credit everywhere. Like we know dey buy a, dem no go dey everywhere. If u dey complain say, the economy be bad, find the things people be willing to part away their money for, den u go see say, the ecominy be ecomoney.

Charle! Kasapa, wots up ….. We no dey hear the gong gong gong again oooo….. Wot dey hoppen? or ridy, u be Expresso with a click!

The National Com Authority dey decentralize in operations so say, dem fit spread for the country inside. Charle, Tins go be small small. Broadband den tins all go start dey go the intotoms. Eno go ky3, the akorasi boys all go start dey see dem beta tins online, dem go dog dem akata boga tins. But wat go hoppen to Sakawa…. Na wa ooooo.

Today, I dey troski inside de come house aaaaaaa, as I dey browse for ma phone top, I see aaaa, “Glo’s Asem drops Controversial Single – 2010 Fylla” Ei, Dis fresh boy plus in one by one rap style (Obia ne ne taste ooooo), TM Boys go catch am. How e fit disrespect Abodam (Bra Kwaw… we dey beg give am) & Asamoah Gyan. Oh Charle. How u fit do dat. Yawa fit bab anybody anytime ooo. Asem, dat be sloooooow, Boyz Boyz no dey do dat. Ridy u start Territorial war. I hear say TM dey tear reply, dem go smoke u. Dem dey search topic practice dema skills aaaa, . A million gun salutes…u go bring ur self…. S3 won tie, wo b3 tie….dem go seperate the rats from the lions… Ratata

Back to the troski inside, Everybody get phone, eno be easy koraaaaa. Ring tones be wat, den de ones them wan make we hear the gospel music by force(Mp3 for China fon top). Ear piece dey almost everybody in ear inside, radio politics -mof mof sooor. U see der mobile phones dem turn Walkie Talkies- dem bring the phone to the ear when listening, and then to the mouth when they want to talk. Very interesting to watch. Txt msgs come make like Chat messaging. Somebody in bluetooth earpiece dey blink like Disco, Eno be easy koraaaa. As ma paddy, catapult dey chat for ebuddy top, de chick e dey ma body dey watch Agya koo for in TV fon top. I hear nooooor “Gooooaaaaal”. The guy e dey ma back….. Dem score Chelsea again.(DSTV fon)

Charle I go end for hear

Ebe Dream,

Ur boy.

Catch u on the flip side with interesting stuff.

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November 24, 2010 at 12:07 am

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Dem tymes b4 Pc come

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Na application be employment

We dey watch program for Black n white TV top

Sa abi, Cursor be somebody e do love curse?

Wey Keyboard be piano

Memory! wey can wahala dis! De teacher dey lash me constant,

e do e dey talk say, Dream, ur multiplication is bad, U have a bad memory.

We dey chop CD den pesewas,

Wey we dey use CD if we no go fit abstain,

Ridy, CD dey enter drive inside, Matter oooooo.

Charle! Come Press some…… Den tymes we see remote control for the first time

Ridy, we dey compress tracks, movies, den tings,

Dem tymes paaaa, u go fit compress ma Grandpopi in file?

Boys won unzip gadgets aaaaa, dem say Boys nor nor how unzip file. Charle

You dey kai, if its not on, den its not in

If e no de in aaaa, den e dey out.

Ridy, if its not on, den its off, otherwise, its not working

Log wey ebe wood, if ridy paaaa, u knor knor Logon paaaa, den u be slow

Virus an tins, Spider Web den tins

Mouse…… dat one be serious

Boys say, Cut and paste

We dey Cot plus knife, wey paste paaaa deir,

if e no be glue, den ebe groundnut paste.


Charle! Ma People, E do aaa, Comment

Ebe ur Boy,



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November 19, 2010 at 12:26 am

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I am the DREAM
and so are YOU




And all I need is one Stone




Im the Pretty one,
the name is BEAUTY



and I am the Boss
2b or not 2b, dat is my question?

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November 17, 2010 at 4:05 pm

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